Doris takes campaign to save Sighthill Stone Circle to Holyrood
Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sighthill Stone CircleBob Doris, MSP for Glasgow, has called on Glasgow City Council to preserve a major landmark in Sighthill.
Sighthill Stone Circle, the only modern astronomically aligned stone circle in the UK, faces demolition as part of the city’s preparations for the 2018 Youth Olympics bid. Locals have organised a campaign against the proposals, which has received wide backing from across the city. This includes well-known figures such as the authors Alasdair Gray and Duncan Lunan, the latter of whom was instrumental in organising the Circle’s construction in the 1970s.

Mr Doris said: “Sighthill Stone Circle faces a double threat from the regeneration plans: the Council have said that it may have to be uprooted to facilitate tests for chemical contamination, and have also proposed a walkway which would run through the Circle’s current location.
“However, chemical testing was conducted when the Circle’s construction began in 1979, and campaigners have questioned the necessity of further tests. They have also suggested that, with a minimal diversion, the walkway could wind round the Circle rather than run directly through it. The Circle should be treated as enhancing the area, not as an obstacle to the regeneration plans.
“I have written to the Council to ask what consultation was carried out with locals when developing these plans, and to request that they consider the campaigners’ alternative proposals. In addition, a motion I lodged at the Scottish Parliament drawing attention to the threat has been signed by a significant number of MSPs, and parliamentary support continues to grow.
“It would be a huge loss to Sighthill’s modern heritage if the Circle were to be demolished, and I hope the Council will seriously consider the constructive suggestions put forward by the campaign.”
Scottish Parliament motion:

Letter from Bob Doris to Development and Regeneration Services at Glasgow City Council

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