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Manifesto Released
Scottish Parliament Election 2016
Thursday, 21 April 2016

Our vision is for a fair, equal and prosperous nation with opportunity for us all to grow and thrive.nicola sturgeon 2016 campaign start

Set out in our manifesto are the means by which we believe we can bring that vision closer to becoming real.

It is a plan for reform and transformation, providing an ambitious prospectus to fulfil Scotland's massive potential.

For Scotland's children it means a better start in life and more opportunities for the rest of their lives. And for their parents it means more jobs, better-paid jobs and greater security in which to bring up their families.

Our NHS is precious to all our hearts and we will protect, nurture and grow it for as long as the SNP is in government.

Fresh ideas on care and greater investment can give the vulnerable in our society an improved quality of life, whatever their age or situation.

And with new powers over tax and social security we can expand our economy and lift more people out of poverty.

Read our manifesto - our plan to keep Scotland moving forward - here (pdf).

Party Election Broadcast
Party Election Broadcast
Tuesday, 05 April 2016

Our new Party Election Broadcast for the Scottish Parliament General Election, 2016.

Only one party has the strength, unity and vision to keep Scotland moving forward.


Thewliss demands new Work & Pensions Secretary scraps Rape Clause
Alison Thewliss MP
Monday, 21 March 2016

Alison ThewlissAs Stephen Crabb starts his new job as Work & Pensions Secretary today, SNP MP Alison Thewliss is calling upon him to make it an "urgent priority to unequivocally scrap the tax credits rape clause."

Stephen Crabb takes over as Secretary of State for Work & Pensions following the dramatic resignation of Iain Duncan Smith MP at the weekend.

Ms Thewliss said a change in leadership at the DWP was the ideal opportunity for the Government to review its policy agenda and scrap the two child policy and the rape clause with immediate effect.

Commenting, Alison Thewliss MP said:

"Since July 2015, the UK Government has stuck rigidly to its pernicious policy agenda which will seek to limit tax credits to just two children per family. They have been unable to explain how this will work, or how it fits with equalities legislation and the "family test". Also contained within last year’s budget is an appalling statement which suggests that women whose third child, born as a result of rape, would have to justify this to DWP staff in order to receive benefits. That’s simply not on.

"Before Iain Duncan Smith suddenly found his moral compass and resigned, he seemed to think that this was a perfectly sensible policy; however it's one which causes serious concern amongst women’s welfare and rape crisis charities.

"As Stephen Crabb gets his feet under the desk at Caxton House today, I believe he needs to give urgent priority to this issue and unequivocally scrap the tax credits rape clause”.

SNP hails Tampon Tax victory!
Alison Thewliss MP
Thursday, 17 March 2016

Alison ThewlissSNP MP Alison Thewliss has warmly welcomed news tonight that a deal has been reached which will finally see the 5% VAT rate on women's sanitary products - otherwise known as the tampon tax - scrapped.

The SNP was the only party in the 2015 election to commit in its manifesto to scrapping the deeply unjust tax on periods.

SNP MP Alison Thewliss introduced an amendment in July 2015 at the Finance Bill Committee stage to try and end the tax but was rebuffed by Tory Ministers who insisted the tax could only be abolished with the permission of the European Commission.

News is emerging from Brussels tonight that a deal has finally been secured which will end the 5% tax which generates around £15 million in tax for HM Treasury.

Alison Thewliss MP welcomed tonight's news, saying:

"This is a victory for the tens of thousands of women in the UK who've signed petitions, lobbied their MPs and kept up the pressure over many years to scrap this totally unjust tax on an absolutely essential product."

"I am proud that the SNP was the only party at last year's election which had the ambition to commit to this in its manifesto. It was a privilege to be able to kick start the debate during the Finance Bill deliberations last summer and I am glad that this has culminated in action which will finally put an end to the tampon tax."

SNP in cross party effort to scrap Tampon Tax
Alison Thewliss MP
Thursday, 17 March 2016

Alison ThewlissGlasgow SNP MP, Alison Thewliss, has joined forces with MPs from three other parties to force a vote in the House of Commons which could see the abolition of VAT on ladies’ sanitary products - otherwise known as the tampon tax.
Thewliss has campaigned for the abolition of the tampon tax since being elected to Parliament in May 2015.  She initially tabled amendments during committee consideration of last year’s Finance Bill and the SNP was the only major party in the 2015 election to have a specific manifesto commitment to abolish the tampon tax.
Next week MPs from the SNP, Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats will force a vote in the House of Commons which could end the "deeply unjust tax on periods."
Commenting, Alison Thewliss MP said:

"Now is the time end, once and for all, the deeply unjust tax on periods."
"It is estimated that the UK Treasury generates £15 million a year in VAT from the sale of essential ladies sanitary products.  Tampons are not a luxury item – they are a basic requirement for women and should not be subject to tax."
"Up until now the UK Government has suggested that a change in the law to abolish the tax wouldn’t be possible due to EU rules and I’ve been willing, to some extent, to allow them the space to negotiate this with the European Commission, however, there has been speculation that a decision on this will be forthcoming in the very near future, therefore we’re going to press this to vote next week, in the hope we can force substantial action on an issue that has run on far too long."

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