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Big increase in NHS dentists helping to deliver progress on denral registrations
Bob Doris MSP
Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bob DorisProgress of NHS Scotland underlines need for a Yes vote

A substantial increase in the number of dentists in Scotland since the SNP took office has helped to secure dramatic increases in the proportion of people in Scotland registered with an NHS dentist.

The figures revealed in response to a Parliamentary Question show that there has been an increase in the number of General Dental Service dentists in Scotland of over 30 per cent since the SNP took office, rising from 2,434 in September 2006 to 3,178 by 31 March 2014.

New Labour hypocrisy on Tory-No donors exposed
James Dornan MSP
Monday, 18 August 2014

James DornanLabour complain in England and dance to a Tory billionaire tune in Scotland

The hypocrisy of the Labour party's criticism of Tory donors has been exposed as many of the same billionaire and millionaire funders are also backing the No campaign with sizable cash donations.

Labour's Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Jonathan Ashworth MP recently complained that: "When millions are flowing in from Hedge Funds and exclusive groups of donors is it any wonder David Cameron stands up for the privileged few?"

Dearest Scotland project harnesses ideas on Scotland's future
Bill Kidd MSP
Wednesday, 13 August 2014

saltireOne monumental opportunity for change next month

Scotland has one opportunity to build a fairer, safer and more prosperous country, the SNP has said today.

Ahead of his Members’ Debate on the Dearest Scotland project today, SNP MSP Bill Kidd has said that a Yes vote will help ensure Scotland is the best it can be.

No camp empty promises exposed as Boris rallies Tories against more powers
James Dornan MSP
Sunday, 10 August 2014

saltireYes vote is Scotland's one opportunity to have the powers we need

The empty promises of the No camp over more powers for Scotland have been exposed today – after Boris Johnson sought to rally the Tories against more powers on the same day he admitted his plans to lead his party after the 2015 election.

As reported in today’s Mail on Sunday, the Mayor of London has railed against “ever more things we are giving Scotland”, claimed that there is “no reason” for Scotland to have more powers – and said instead that tax-raising powers should be granted to major cities in England.

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